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New Krocodile double fire lighter LIGHTER is sure to leave you impressed. The built of the lighter is pretty strong so you can use it for a long time plus it is completely windproof you can even use it in a storm.

You will simply not find another lighter like this one. DRAGON Lighter is a refillable, dual capability lighter designed to leave people in awe. The adjustable flame size allows you to set the size of flame you desire. Crafted thoughtfully with beautiful colors & accents to match any and all aesthetics.

Key Benefits:
Dual lighter capability
Adjustable flame size
Luxurious craftsmanship
Ergonomic and unique design
Easily refillable
Makes for a perfect gift
We stand by our craftsmanship with our LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
LIMITED EDITION – Limited Stock available for this model

This Limited Edition Lighter is a unique lighter that is made to impress anyone. It has a dual flame, one that come out of the main body and another one out of the dragon’s mouth.

This item comes packaged in a gift box.

✅ Lifetime of Use – 100% Refillable

✅ Adjustable Flame Size

✅ Durable All-Metal Construction

✅ Type of fuel: Extra Purified Butane

✅ 24/7 Live Customer Support

*Due to transport regulations, all lighters come empty of fuel


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